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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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"I must stress that I give no panaceas, but experience shows that when the methods of general semantics are applied, the results are usually beneficial, whether in business, management, etc., medicine, law, education on all levels, or personal inter-relationships, be they in family, national or international fields. If they are not applied, but merely talked about, no results can be expected.
"In general semantics we are concerned with the sanity of the race, including particularly methods of prevention; eliminating from home, elementary, and higher education inadequate aristotelian types of evaluation which too often lead to the un-sanity of the race, and building up for the first time a positive theory of sanity, as a workable non-aristotelian system.
"The task ahead is gigantic if we are to avoid more personal, national, and even international tragedies based on unpredictability, insecurity, fears, anxieties, etc., which are steadily disorganizing the functioning of the human nervous system. Only when we face these facts fearlessly and intelligently may we save for future civilizations whatever there is left to save, and build from the ruins of a dying epoch a new and saner society.
"A non-aristotelian re-orientation is inevitable; the only problem today is when, and at what cost."
From the author's Preface to the Third Edition and Introduction to the Second Edition
5th Edition
"... Korzybski was not only a bold innovator, but also a brilliant synthesizer of available data into a coherent system. This system, when internalized and applied, can create a saner and more peaceful world, justifying the title of this book, Science and Sanity."
From the Preface to the Fifth Edition by Robert P. Pula