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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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of the books listed. They are included to indicate the continued growth, discussion of and influence of general semantics. Books critical of Korzybski/general semantics are included. They are tagged thus: (critique).
I consider Korzybski's Collected Writings 1920-1950 perhaps the most important publication in general semantics since Science and Sanity? This book brings together all of Korzybski's known published writings other than his major books and a set of seminar lectures given at Olivet College in 1937. The 940 page book is a 'must' for anyone undertaking a serious study of general semantics.
Three works scheduled for publication in 1993 and 1994 include those of Susan Presby Kodish and Bruce I. Kodish, Drive Yourself Sane! Using the Uncommon Sense of General Semantics, Robert P. Pula, Knowledge, Uncertainty and Courage: The Collected General Semantics Writings of Robert P. Pula, and General Semantics in Psychotherapy, edited by Isabel Caro and Charlotte S. Read.
The Institute of General Semantics remains the primary center for training in general semantics. Seminar-workshops, weekend seminars and colloquia continue. An Advanced Studies and Teacher Certification Program for training leaders and teachers in general semantics has been established.
The distinguished annual Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture series, begun in 1952, continues to present highly regarded speakers whose work directly reflects or complements korzybskian orientations. These lecturers have been outstanding in the fields of anthropology, philosophy, physics, chemistry, physiology, embryology, medicine, neurology, surgery, education, sociology, linguistics, psychology, management, library science, law,... etc.4 Their participation bespeaks the growing regard for Korzybski's contributions and the importance of general semantics as a major twentieth century system.
The Index to this Fifth edition has been enhanced to facilitate general study and formulation searches. Grateful thanks are due to Bruce I. Kodish and Milton Dawes for their work in updating the Index, and to Bruce I. Kodish and Stuart Mayper for creating the Index of Diagrams. Grateful thanks also are due to Marjorie Zelner, Executive Secretary of the Institute of General Semantics, for her work as production editor of this Fifth Edition.
This briefly reviews the activities in the field of general semantics and shows that, as with any system that represents a challenge to its own culture, there remains much work to be done, but also that this work proceeds vigorously.
In the sixty years since Korzybski offered the first (not the last) non-aristotelian system in Science and Sanity public reaction has been both enthusiastic and critical. What about Korzybski's work continues to generate such interest and activity? If it were so, as some critics have asserted, that 'all' he did was to organize scattered insights, formulations and data into a system,