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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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In the second edition of this book, published in 1941, a short list of reprints and monographs available at the Institute of General Semantics was included - almost the only literature then on general semantics since Science and Sanity first appeared. (See page lxxxvi in this volume.) Since that date the number of books, papers, and reviews has grown profusely, and no attempt is made here to record them fully.
The principal articles in the field have appeared in Papers From the Second American Congress on General Semantics, M. Kendig, Editor (1943), in the General Semantics Bulletin and other materials published by the Institute for its Members, and in ETC.: A Review of General Semantics, the official organ of the International Society for General Semantics.
The General Semantics Bulletin, founded and edited by M. Kendig, is the official journal of the Institute of General Semantics, published since 1949 'for information and inter-communication among workers in the non-aris-totelian discipline formulated by Alfred Korzybski.' It contains papers on many aspects of general semantics, theoretical and practical, as well as reports, discussions, news, book comments, etc. Numbers One & Two through Eighteen & Nineteen have been issued to date.
Some of the articles distributed by. the Institute, 1947-1949, previous to the founding of the Bulletin are listed below:
Korzybski, Alfred, General Semantics: An Introduction to Non-aristote-lian Systems, 1947.
--------- 'Author's Note' introducing Selections from Science and Sanity,
---------Understanding of Human Potentialities, Key to Dealing with Soviet
Union, 1948. Summary of an address, and introduction by Stuart Chase.
--------- General Semantics: Toward a New General System of Evaluation
and Predictability in Solving Human Problems. American People's Encyclopedia, 1949 edition.
English, Earl, A General Semantics Course in -the School of Journalism, University of Missouri, 1949.
Kelley, Douglas M., The Use of General Semantics and Korzybskian Principles as an Extensional Method of Group Psychotherapy in Traumatic Neuroses. The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, Vol. 114, No. 3, 1951.
La Brant, Lou, A Genetic Approach to Language, 1951.
Loomis, William F., A Non-aristotelian Presentation of Embryology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1949.
Newton, Norman T., A Non-aristotelian Approach to Design. Introductory lectures in a course, School of Architecture, Harvard University, 1948.
Head, Allen Walker, An Account of the Word 'Semantics'. WORD, August 1948.
Skynner, Robin, Choice and Determinism. Distributed to Institute Members 1948; published in Rationalist Annual (England), 1949.