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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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Also by Korzybski and others, not included elsewhere: Pollock, Thomas C, A Theory of Meaning Analyzed: Critique of I. A. Richards' Theory of Language, and Spaulding, J. Gordon, Elemental-ism : The Effect of an Implicit Postulate of Identity on I. A. Richards' Theory of Poetic Value. With a supplementary paper by Allen Walker Read, The Lexicographer and General Semantics. Foreword by Alfred Korzybski and M. Kendtg. General Semantics Monographs No. Ill, 1942. Korzybski, Alfred, The Role of Language in the Perceptual Processes, Chapter 7 in Perception: An Approach to Personality Ed. by Robert R. Blake and Glenn V. Ramsey, Ronald Press, 1951.