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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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the American People's Encyclopedia, which is publishing a reliable article on general semantics.
It is not generally realized that with human progress, the complexities and difficulties in the world increase following an exponential function of 'time', with indefinitely accelerating accelerations. I am deeply convinced that these problems cannot be solved at all unless we boldly search for and revise our antiquated notions about the 'nature of man' and apply modern extensional methods toward their solution.
Fortunately at present we have an international body, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization,4 which with its vast funds, has the services of the best men in the world, and a splendid program. It is true that they are very handicapped by dependence on translations, which seldom convey the same implications in different languages. Yet this need not be a handicap, for the methods of exact sciences disregard national boundaries, and so the extensional methods and devices of general semantics can be applied to all existing languages, with deep psycho-logical effects on the participants and through them on their countrymen. Thus the world would gain an international common denominator for inter-communication, mutual understanding, and eventual agreement. I would suggest that students of general semantics write on this subject. The activities of this international body after all affect all of us.
We need not blind ourselves with the old dogma that 'human nature cannot be changed', for we find that it can be changed. We must begin to realize our potentialities as humans, then we may approach the future with some hope. We may feel with Galileo, as he stamped his foot on the ground after recanting the Copernican theory before the Holy Inquisition, 'Eppur si muovel' The evolution of our human development may be retarded, but it cannot be stopped.
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