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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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realized that for the 'normal' working of the nervous system we must have a proper blood circulation, which may be affected by the tension of blood vessels, and is also connected with 'emotional' tension. We are never aware of this particular steady kind of 'emotional' tension, which involves hidden fears, anxieties, uncertainties, frustrations, etc., and through the nervous mechanisms of projection colour harmfully our attitudes toward the world and life in general. Such conditions result in defensiveness, which is no defense, but a wasteful, useless drain on the limited nervous capacities.
Some details of the mechanisms and techniques involved, as they affect, among others, so-called 'speech difficulties', (stuttering, etc.) are given by Professor Wendell Johnson, University of Iowa, in his Language and Speech Hygiene: An Application of General Semantics, published as the first monograph of the Institute of General Semantics. More details concerning neuro-semantic relaxation will be presented in professional papers.
To achieve extensionalization we utilize what I call 'extensional devices':
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It should be noticed that in a four-dimensional world dating is only a particular temporal index by which we can deal effectively with space-time. In non-aristotelian orientations these extensional devices should be used habitually and permanently, with a slight motion of the hands to indicate absolute individuals, events, situations, etc., which change at different dates, also different orders of abstraction, etc. Thus thalamic factors become involved, without which the coveted thalamo-cortical integration cannot be accomplished.
I may add that all existing psychotherapy, no matter of what school, is based on the partial and particular extensionalization of a given patient, depending on the good luck and personal skill of the psychiatrist. Unfortunately these specialists are in the main unaware of what is said here, and of the existence of a theory of sanity which gives general, simple, and workable thalamo-cortical methods for extensionalization, and so thalamocortical integration.
A few illustrations of the wide practical applications of some of the devices may be given here. In many instances serious maladjustments