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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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It was explained already how the introduction of new factors is bound to change our generalizations and therefore evaluations. But this somehow is disregarded by most rulers and politicians who are on the defensive, while those who are on the offensive introduce new psycho-logical factors to confuse the old generalizations, as a rule successfully. Politicians, gangsters, military men, etc., without any understanding of the depth of destructiveness to the human nervous systems, utilize these methods quite successfully. Magicians have studied those methods professionally, but they utilize them for entertainment, not for destruction.
These destructive methods are the bases of the 'war of nerves', and the 'war on nerves', etc., to the point of using 'screaming1 bombs, verbal distortion, the 'psychology' of deception, etc. These methods can be counteracted only when governments who feel their responsibility not only to the ruling classes, but also to the people of their nations, will employ experts in neuro-psychiatry, anthropology, general semantics, etc., for guidance, if the present world neurosis is to be checked.
There are persistent reports that the Nazi government is utilizing a staff of psycho-logical experts for destructive purposes. Other totalitarian governments ape their successfully worked out and tested methods. The 'democratic' governments in this present fundamental nerve contest appear a tragic joke of ignorance, inefficiency, etc. In practice this amounts to betrayal, because they fail to recognize the overwhelming importance and vulnerability of the human nervous system, and do not utilize such experts in a constructive way. The 'scream' of a bomb, for instance, is much more destructive to the 'enemy' than the destruction by the bomb itself, which may kill a few people at the cost of at least $100,000 per corpse, while the 'scream' alone brings demoralizing terror to hundreds, if not thousands of people. It is certainly an expertly calculated and efficient 'war on human nerves'. But what can be done if ignorant 'democratic' governments refuse to live up to their duties ?
Humanity, civilizations, cultures, etc., are ultimately based on the constructive use of neuro-semantic and neuro-linguistic mechanisms present in every one of us. Many pathological Nazi leaders utilize these constructive mechanisms in civilization for destructive selfish purposes. Under experts they have turned against mankind the essential assets of mankind. The beginning was 'mental' illness of a few leaders, based on hates, fears, revenges, etc. Later this destructive task was passed on to governmental psycho-logical experts, to build up methods to tear down human w^Mro-semantic and n^uro-linguistic mechanisms, quite success-