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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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Depending on science for more and better killing machines is certainly not the solution for human problems, culture and civilization. Without being sentimental, in a human civilization humans matter more than machines, or symbols such as a 'dollar', a 'pound sterling', a 'pound of flesh', a 'scalp', etc., or such verbal generalizations as 'liberty', 'equality', etc. The living reactions of Smith are more important than the verbalisms of Smith, who nevertheless can shake the air with his verbal tricks, as many of us too often do, affecting the nervous systems of others.
At present the totalitarians have exploited neuro-semantic and neuro-linguistic mechanisms to their destructive limit, the best they knew how, to date. Counteraction, reconstruction, and/or prevention are impossible unless such mechanisms are utilized constructively under the guidance of governmental specialists in the fields of anthropology, neuro-psychiatry, general semantics, etc., who would understand the language of their fellow workers in related scientific fields, and would be free to devote
Although practically all civilized states employ psychiatrists in their governmental hospitals for 'mentally' ill, these physicians are necessarily preoccupied with their patients and cannot undertake the special duties of the board I suggest. Such a board would require the full time and attention of its members, as they would be called upon for consultation by various other governmental departments such as interior, state, labour, commerce, health, army, navy, etc., and so special studies and co-ordinating knowledge in related branches of science would be essential.
It seems extremely short-sighted in 1941 that governments should employ permanently specialists in chemistry, physics, engineering, etc.; other specialists who advise how to eliminate lice from poultry, raise pigs, conserve wild life, etc. - and yet have no permanent consulting board of specialists who would advise how to conserve and prevent the abuse of human nervous systems. Even a Chamberlain would have intelligence and/or honesty enough to pass a problem of a 'magnetic mine' to physicists and engineers, and not to party politicians, who know nothing about such mechanisms, but would nevertheless be ready to debate 'politically' on the subject.
For example, if consulted, such a suggested body of governmental specialists would have studied Mein Kampf and various speeches of Hitler, Goebbels, etc., as a part of their duties, long ago, and would have advised their governments that psychopathological people are getting in control of world affairs and that their words cannot be trusted at all.