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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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scientific venture, and the interest and help of scientists, teachers, and those who are not indifferent to the advancement of science, civilization, sanity, peace, and to the improvement of social, economic, international, etc., conditions, will be greatly appreciated.
From one point of view, this enquiry has been independent; from another, much material has been adapted. In some instances it is impossible to give specific credit to an author, particularly in a textbook, and it is simpler and fairer to state that the works of Professors H. F. Biggs, G. Birtwistle, E. Bleuler, R. Bonola, M. Born, P. W. Bridgman, E. Cassirer, C. M. Child, A. S. Eddington, A. Einstein, A. Haas, H. Head, L. V. Heilbrunn, C. J. Herrick, S. E. Jelliffe, C. J. Keyser, C. I. Lewis, J. Loeb, H. Minkowski, W. F. Osgood, H. Pieron, G. Y. Rainich, B. Russell, C. S. Sherrington, L. Silberstein, A. Sommerfeld, E. H. Starling, A. V. Vasiliev, H. Weyl, W. A. White, A. N. Whitehead, E. B. Wilson, L. Wittgenstein and J. W. Young have been constantly consulted.
Although I have had no opportunity to use directly the fundamental researches of Doctor Henry Head on aphasia, and particularly on semantic aphasia, my whole work has been seriously influenced by his great contributions. Doctor Head's work, in connection with a non-elementalistic analysis, makes obvious the close connection between: (1) identifications; (2) structural ignorance; (3) lack of proper evaluations in general, and of the full significance of words and phrases in particular; and (4) the corresponding necessary, at least colloidal lesions of the nervous system.
I am under heavy obligations to Professors: E. T. Bell, P. W. Bridgman, C. M. Child, B. F. Dostal, M. H. Fischer, R. R. Gates (London), C. Judson Herrick, H. S. Jennings, R. J. Kennedy, R. S. Lillie, B. Malinowski (London), R. Pearl, G. Y. Rainich, Bertrand Russell (London), M. Tramer (Bern), W. M. Wheeler, H. B. Williams, W. H. Wilmer; and Doctors: C. B. Bridges, D. G. Fairchild, W. H. Gantt, P. S. Graven, E. L. Hardy, J. A. P. Millet, P. Weiss, W. A. White, Mr. C. K. Ogden (London), and Miss C. L. Williams, for reading the manuscript and/or the proofs as a whole, or in part, and for their invaluable criticism, and suggestions.
I also owe much to Doctor C. B. Bridges and Professor W. M. Wheeler, not only for their important criticisms and constructive suggestions, but also for their painstaking editorial corrections and interest.
Needless to say, I assume full responsibility for the following pages, the more, that I did not always follow the suggestions made.