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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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AIMS, MEANS AND CONSEQUENCES                  15
the introduction of the multiordinality of terms, which is a natural but, as yet, an unnoticed fact, our ordinary vocabulary is enormously enriched ; in fact, the number of words in such a vocabulary natural for man is infinite. The multiordinality of terms is the fundamental mechanism of the full conditionality of human semantic reactions; it eliminates an unbelievable number of the old animalistic blockages, and is fundamental for sanity.
A number of statements in the present work have definite meanings for different specialists, often running entirely counter to the accepted scientific creeds. As they followed naturally from the context, I inserted them for the specialist, without warning, for which I have to apologize to the general reader, although they will be useful to him also.
To make issues sharper, some words will be repeated so often that I abbreviate them as follows:
In some instances, for special emphasis, the words will be spelled in full.
A JF-system, being extensional, requires the enumeration of long lists of names, which, in principle, cannot be exhausted. Under such conditions, I have to list a few representatives followed by an 'etc.', or its equivalents. As the extensional method is characteristic of a A treatment, the expression 'etc' occurs so often as to necessitate a special A extensional punctuation whenever the period does not indicate another abbreviation, as follows: