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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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The representation of mental phenomena in the form of reactions, conditioned reflexes, Bechterew's 'psycho-reflexes,' leads to a truly physiological schematization. . . . 411                                             henri pieron
Now I claim that the Ethnographer's perspective is the one relevant and real for the formation of fundamental linguistic conceptions and for the study of the life of languages, whereas the Philologist's point of view is fictitious and irrelevant. ... To define Meaning, to explain the essential grammatical and lexical characters of language on the material furnished by the study of dead languages, is nothing short of preposterous in the light of our argument. (332)                                                  b. malinowski
If he contend, as sometimes he will contend, that he has defined all his terms and proved all_ his propositions, then either he is a performer of logical miracles or he is an ass; and, as you know, logical miracles are impossible. (264)                                                                   CASSIUS J. KEYSER
Finally, in semantic aphasia, the full significance of words and' phrases is lost. Separately, each word or each detail of a drawing can be understood, but the general significance escapes; an act is executed upon command, though the purpose of it is not understood. Reading and writing are possible as well as numeration, the correct use of numbers; but the appreciation of arithmetical processes is defective. ... A general conception cannot be formulated, but details can be enumerated. (4id
Moreover, the aphasic patient in his mode of life, in his acts and in all his behaviour may seem biologically and socially normal. But he has nevertheless suffered an unquestionable loss, for he no longer has any chance of undergoing further modifications of social origin, and of reacting in his turn as a factor in evolution and progress. <4U)            henri pieron
Particularly it expresses that most important step in the treatment, the passing over from a mere intellectual acceptance of the facts of the analysis, whether in interpretation of the underlying complexes or in recognition of the task to be accepted, to an emotional appreciation and appropriation of the same. Intellectual acceptance can work no cure but may prove seriously misleading to the patient who is attempting to grasp the situation and to the beginner in analysis as well. (24»                  smith ely jelliffe
Section A. On semantic reactions.
The term semantic reaction is fundamental for the present work and non-elementalistic systems. The term 'semantic' is derived from the Greek semantikos, 'significant', from semainein 'to signify', 'to mean', and was introduced into literature by Michel Breal in his Essai de Semantique. The term has been variously used in a more or less general or restricted sense by different writers. Of late, this term has been used by the Polish School of Mathematicians, and particularly L. Chwis-