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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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ates', and many others. All data taken from science are selected, and only those which directly enter as factors in s.r are given in an elementary outline. The meanings to the individual are dependent, through the influence of the environment, education, languages and their structure, and other factors, on racial meanings called science, which, to a large extent, because of the structural and relational character of science, become physiological semantic factors of the reactions. In fact, science, mathematics, 'logic'., may be considered from a non-elementalistic point of view as generalized results of s.r acceptable to the majority of informed and not heavily pathological individuals.
To facilitate the writing and the reading of the work, I am compelled to use definite devices. As in case of structure, rnultiordinal terms, so in the case of s.r, I often employ an ordinary form of expression and use the words 'structurol', 'multiordinai', 'semantic', as adjectives, or 'structurally', 'semantically'., as adverbs, always implying the full meanings, that under such and such conditions of a given stimulus, the given s.r would be such and such. In many instances, the letters s.r or (s.r) will be inserted to remind the reader that we deal with semantic reactions or the psycho-logical reactions in connection with the meanings of the problems analysed. It is not only useful, but perhaps essential, that the reader should stop in such places and try to evoke in himself the given s.r. The present work leads to new s.r which are beneficial to every one of us and fundamental for sanity. The casual reading of the present book is not enough. Any one who wants the full or partial benefit of the joint labours of the author and the reader must, even in the reading, begin to re-train his s.r.
As the organism works as-a-whole, and as the training is psychophysiological in terms of order, reversing the reversed pathological order., organism-as-a-whole means must be employed. For this purpose, the Structural Differential has been developed. The reader will later understand that it is practically impossible to achieve, without its help, the maximum beneficial semantic results.
From a non-el point of view, which makes illegitimate any el verbal splitting of 'emotions' and 'intellect'., these processes must be analysed in terms of order, indicating the stages of the psycho-neural process-as-a-whole. Empirically, there is a difference between an 'emotion' which becomes 'rationalized' and 'emotions' invoked or produced by 'ideas'. The order is different in each instance, and if, in a given nervous system, at a given moment, or under some special conditions, the lower or higher nerve centres work defectively, the nervous reactions are not well balanced and the manifestations acquire a one-sided character. The other