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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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The problems connected with the s.r are not new, because these are inherent in man, no matter on what low or primitive level or on what high level of development he may be; but, up to the undertaking of the present analysis, the problems of s.r were not formulated, their psychophysiological mechanisms were not discovered, and so, to the detriment of all of us, we have had no workable educational means by which to handle them effectively.
That is why the passing from one era to another is usually so difficult and so painful. The new involves new s.r, while, as a rule, the older generations have enforced their systems, and, through them, by means of controlled education and linguistic structure and habits, the old s.r. This the younger generation, always having more racial experience, cannot accept, so that revolutions, scientific or otherwise, happen, and, when successful, the new systems are imposed on the older generation without the older generation's changing their s.r. All of which is painful to all concerned. The next generation after such a 'revolution' does not have similar difficulties, because from childhood they are trained in the new s.r, and all appears as 'natural' to them, and the older as 'unthinkable', 'silly',.
As a descriptive fact, the present stage of human development is such that with a very few exceptions our nervous systems do not work properly in accordance with their survival structure. In other words, although we have the potentialities for correct functioning in our nervous system, because of the neglect of the physiological control-mechanism of our s.r, we have semantic blockages in our reactions, and the more beneficial manifestations are very effectively prevented.
The present analysis divulges a powerful mechanism for the control and education of s.r; and, by means of proper evaluation, a great many undesirable manifestations on the psycho-logical level can be very efficiently transformed into highly desirable ones. In dealing with such a fundamental experimental issue as the s.r, which have been with us since the dawn of mankind, it is impossible to say new things all the time. Very often the issues involved become 'common sense'; but what is the use, in practice, of this 'common sense', if it is seldom, if ever, applied, and in fact cannot be applied because of the older lack of workable psychophysiological formulations? For instance, what could be simpler or more 'common sense' than the A premise that an object is not words; yet, to my knowledge, no one fully applies this, or has fully acquired the corresponding s.r. Without first acquiring this new s.r, it is impossible to discover this error and corresponding s.r in others; but as soon as we have trained ourselves, it becomes so obvious that it is impossible to miss