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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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ixemplified in parrots and apes. With man, owing to the lack of consciousness of abstracting, his copying capacities became also much more pronounced and often harmful. Even the primitive man and the child are 'intelligent' enough to observe and copy, but not informed enough in the racial experiences usually called science, which, for him, are nonexistent, to discriminate between the reactions on the 'psychological' levels of animals and the typical responses which man with his more complex nervous system should have. Only an analysis of structure and semantic reactions, resulting in consciousness of abstracting, can free us from this unconscious copying of animals, which, let us repeat, must be pathological for man, because it eliminates a most vital regulating factor in human nervous and s.r, and so vitiates the whole process. This factor is not simply additive, so that, when it is introduced and superimposed on any response of the human nervous system allowing such superimposition, the whole reaction is fundamentally changed in a beneficial way.