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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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family strifes and unhappiness, and so to nervous disturbances; in national life, to political strifes, revolutions.; in international affairs, to mutual misunderstanding, suspicion, impossibility to agree, wars, World Wars, 'trade wars'., ultimately ending in slaughter, general unemployment, and an unnecessarily great amount of general unrest, worry, confusion, and suffering in different degrees for all, helping again to disturb the proper working of the human nervous system.
The subject of this work is ultimately 'speaking about speaking'. As all human institutions depend upon speaking - even the World War could not have been staged without speaking - and as all science is ultimately verbal, such an analysis must cover a large field. In such an attempt, therefore,, we must first understand the speaking of scientists, of different specialists., and so must get acquainted with their languages, and what they are talking about. This is the semantic reason why I have had to explain to the reader many simple, yet necessary, scientific structural issues.
The present book is written on the level of the average intelligent reader, and any such reader will get the full benefit for his labour provided he is willing to put into it the necessary work and persistence. Perhaps a word of warning is necessary. My own personal experience is that, when once we have acquired a bad habit, let us say in making errors in typewriting, this bad habit is very difficult to eliminate. A similar remark applies to the old habits of speech, and of the semantic responses connected with them. A re-education is simple in principle, but it requires a great deal of persistent effort to overcome undesirable s.r. My experience convinces me that the self-satisfied, the 'happy' person, who has no problems at all, if there is such a person, should not attempt to read this book. He will waste just so much effort. But I can confidently promise that any one who has any problems to solve, - be they personal difficulties with himself, his family, or his associates - the scientist, the teacher, or the professional person who wants to become more efficient in his own work, will be amply repaid for spending the necessary 'time' in mastering the linguistic, and so neurological problems involved in such a structural semantic re-education.
This investigation has turned out to be a general introduction to a theory of sanity, the first ever made, as far as I know. When applied, it genuinely works; but, of course, we have to apply it fully. Mere lip-service will not do; because while superficial agreement is quite easy, yet physiologically, on a deeper level, we continue to follow the older harmful s.r. In such a case nothing is actually changed; the old neuro-logically harmful animalistic responses persist. For this the author and