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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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The relativity theory of physics reduces everything to relations; that is to say, it is structure, not material, which counts. The structure cannot be built up without material; but the nature of the material is of no importance. (147)                                                                    A. S. EDDINGTON
Structure and function are mutually related. Function produces structure and structure modifies and determines the character of function. (*»
These difficulties suggest to my mind some such possibility as this: that every language has, as Mr. Wittgenstein says, a structure concerning which, in the language, nothing can be said, but that there may be another language dealing with the structure of the first language, and having itself a new structure, and that to this hierarchy of languages there may be no limit. Mr. Wittgenstein would of course reply that his whole theory is applicable unchanged to the totality of such languages. 1 he only retort would be to deny that there is any such totality. (456)                       bertrand russell