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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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GENERAL LINGUISTIC                               75
every one of us, to the most pronounced and violent. Indeed, the discovery of this mechanism leads conversely to a theory of sanity. Imperfect as this theory of sanity probably is, it opens a wide field of possibilities which I myself, at this stage, am unable fully to appreciate.
There seems one thing certain, at present; namely, that the old theories and methods tended strongly to produce morons and 'insane' persons, while 'geniuses' were only born in spite of these handicaps. Perhaps in the future we shall be able to produce 'geniuses', while morons and 'insane' persons will be born only in spite of our precautions. If this should actually prove to be true, and the experimental results seem to give some hope in this direction, this world would then become quite a different place in which to live.