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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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our new s.r trained. Historically, we have partially followed the reversed, and ultimately pre-human, and so pathological, order. Without science, and with extremely meagre and primitive knowledge of the structure of the world, we have produced grunts and languages of primitive false structure, reflecting, of necessity, its implications as to the assumed structure of the world. We have made out of it primitive dogmas which are still in full sway and embodied in the structure of the old language. This is also the reason why, outside of technical achievements, we are still on such primitive levels. It is easy to understand why experimental science is of such importance and why theoretical (verbal) predictions must be tested experimentally. The above also gives a deeper and a new justification for what is called 'pragmatism'.
Experiments constitute a search for relations and structure in the empirical world. Theories produce languages of some structure. If the two structures are similar, the 'theories work'; otherwise, they do not, and suggest further search and structural adjustments.
It should be mentioned, perhaps, that the main epistemological principle which has led to the writing of the works of the present author was a definite inclination to abandon identification and the resulting structurally unsatisfactory el language in general use, and to produce a non-el system, which, in structure, would be similar to the world around us, ourselves and our nervous system included. This structural novelty was the foundation on which the A -system has been gradually built.