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like those of cod-liver oil, which shows that the effect of both factors is ultimately colloidal and structural.
Extensive experimentation with cathode rays is very recent, but already we have a most astonishing array of structural facts. Moist air is converted into nitric acid, synthetic rubber is produced rapidly, the milk from rubber trees is made solid and insoluble without the use of sulphur, liquid forms of bakelite are solidified without heating, linseed oil becomes dry to the touch in three hours and hard in six hours, certain materials, like cholesterol, yeast, starch, cottonseed oil, after exposure for thirty seconds, heal rickets, and similar unexpected results. What are usually called 'vitamins' do not only represent 'special substances', but become structurally active factors; and this is why ultra-violet rays may produce results like those of some 'substance'. It seems that in 'vitamins' the surface activities are important; the parallelism shown by von Hahn between the surface activities of different materials and the Funk table of vitamin content is quite suggestive. Some data seem to show that, in some instances, surface-active materials, such as coffee or alcohol, produce beneficial surface activities similar to the 'vitamins'.1*
The above short list gives only an approximate picture of the overwhelming importance of the roles which structure in general, and colloids in particular, play in our lives. We see about us many human types. Some are delicate, some are heavy-set, some flabby, some puffy, all of which indicates a difference in their colloidal structure. Paired with these physical colloidal states are also nervous, 'mental', and other characteristics, which vary from weak and nervous to the extreme limitation of nervous activities, as in idiocy, which is a negation of activity.
It is curious that in all illnesses, whether 'physical' or 'mental', the symptoms are very few, and fundamentally of a standard type. In 'physical' illness we find the following common characteristics: fever, chills, headaches, convulsions, vomiting, diarrhoea,. In 'mental' ills, identifications, illusions, delusions, and hallucinations - in general, the reversed pathological order - are found. It is not difficult to understand the reason. Because of the general colloidal background of life, different disturbances of colloidal equilibrium should produce similar symptoms. In fact, many of these symptoms have been reproduced experimentally by injecting inert precipitates incapable of chemical reactions, which have induced artificial colloidal disturbances. Thus, if the serum from an epileptic patient is injected into a guinea pig, it results in an attack of convulsions, often ending in death. But, if the guinea pig is previously made immune by an injection of some colloid which accustoms the nerve-endings to the colloidal flocculation, then, for a few hours following, we