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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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formulating of their respective functions, which, by the explicit or implicit postulates, determine their structure.
Thus all existing schools of psychotherapy, prior to 1933, result from one system-function which underlies implicitly the system originated by Freud.4 The particular freudian doctrine is only one of the indefinitely many variants of similar system-structure, which can be manufactured from the one system-function underlying the particular freudian system. In other words, it is of no importance what 'complex' we emphasize or manufacture, the structural principles which underlie this new freudian and revolutionary system-function remain unchanged. From this point of view, all existing schools of psychotherapy could be called 'cartesian', because, although they all have one general system-structure, yet they allow indefinitely many particular variations. The present-system suggests that the 'cartesian' school of psychotherapy is still largely A, el and fundamentally of one structure.
The present system involves a different system-function of different structure, rejecting identity, discovering the 'structural unconscious', establishing psychophysiology,. The mutual translatability follows the rules of general semantic principles or conditions which apply also to mathematics; namely, that a A -system, being based on relations; on the elimination of identity; on structure., gives us only intrinsic characteristics and might be called the 'tensor' school of psychotherapy. This system allows all the intrinsic characteristics discovered, no matter by whom, but has no place for the indefinitely many, quite consistent, yet irrelevant metaphysical, extrinsic characteristics, which we can manufacture at will.
Without the realization of the structural foundations emphasized in the present system, it is practically impossible not to confuse linguistic structural issues, which lead inevitably to semantic blockages. When we deal with doctrines or systems of different structure, each of which involves different doctrinal or system-functions, it is of the utmost importance to keep them at first strictly separated; to work out each system by itself, and only after this is accomplished can we carry out an independent investigation as to the ways they mutually inter translate. Let me again repeat, that the mixing of different languages of different structures is fatal for clear 'thinking'. Only when a system is traced to its system-function, and the many implications worked out in their un-mixed form, can we make a further independent investigation of the ways in which the different systems intertranslate. As a general rule, every new scientific system eliminates a great deal of spurious metaphysics from the older systems. In practice, the issues are extremely