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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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others, an 'emotional' shock leads to the building up of morbid 'mental' or physical symptoms.
Since the nervous structure is cyclic in most of its parts, as well as as-a-whole, and since these cycles are directly or indirectly interconnected, mutual interaction of those cycles may produce most elaborate behaviour patterns, which may be spoken of, in their manifestations, in terms of order. As each more important nerve centre has incoming and outgoing nerve-fibres, the activation, or reinforcement, or diffusion of nerve currents may sometimes manifest itself in our s.r as reversal of order in some aspects. Neurologically, considered on the sub-microscopic level, it would only be a case of activation, or of diffusion, or of 'inhibition'., probably never a problem of reversed order in the actual nerve currents.
The semantic manifestations of order and reversed order are of crucial importance, for we are able to train the individual to different orders or reversals of orders. This procedure neurologically involves activations, enforcements, diffusions, 'inhibitions', resistances, and all the other types of nervous activities, which without the formulation of psychophysiology were all most inaccessible to direct training. The structural fact that order and reversal of order in semantic manifestation, which all are on the un-speakable objective level, have such intimate and profound connection with fundamental nervous processes, such as activation, enforcement, diffusion, permeability, 'inhibition', resistance., gives us tremendous new powers of an educational character in building up sanity, and supplies methods and means to affect, direct, and train nervous activities and s.r, which we were not able formerly to train psychophysiologicaly. Perhaps one of the main values of the present work is the discovery of physiological means, to be given presently, for training the human nervous system in 'sanity'.
The reader should be aware, when we speak of order and reversal of order, that we mean the order and reversal of order in the un-speakable s.r; but the neurological mechanism is of a different character, as already explained. Our analysis of the simple semantic manifestations involve evaluation and so order, permitting a most complex re-education and re-training of the nervous system, which were entirely beyond our reach with the older methods.
Experimental evidence seems to corroborate what has been suggested here, and the analysis, in terms of order, seems to have serious practical neurological significance, owing to similarity of structure, resulting in evaluation, and so appropriate s.r.
For our analysis in terms of order, we start with the simplest imaginable nervous cycle; but it must be explicitly understood that such simple