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entire cycle. If not, there must be something wrong with the system. The activities of the organism are then regressive, of lower order, a condition known as 'mental' illness. The gross anatomical divisions of the nervous system should not be relied upon too much as an index of function. Perhaps these anatomical speculations are even harmful for understanding, because they falsify the facts, emphasize the macroscopic similarities unduly and disregard subtle yet fundamentally important microscopic and sub-microscopic structures and differences, which are perfectly manifest in the functioning, but which are difficult to observe directly on their level.
The term 'abstracting' is a multiordinal term, and hence has different meanings, depending on the order of abstractions. It is a functional term and, to indicate the differences in meanings, it is necessary to indicate the different orders. It is structurally a non-el term, built upon the
ferent orders' a perfectly unique meaning in a given problem and yet to keep in a fluid state its most important functional implications. Something similar happens when the mathematician discusses his x. No one can miss the fact that he deals with a variable which can take n values; so this symbol has a quite definite descriptive structural and semantic value. So has the 'abstracting of different orders'.
It is desirable to introduce consciously and deliberately terms of a structure similar to the structure of human knowledge, of our nervous system, and of the world, involving appropriate s.r. Multiordinal terms are uniquely appropriate, since they take their oo-valued structure from the structure of events (1933) and do not reflect their older, one-valued, false to fact character on the events. (Note the order.)
Now we are ready to reformulate the problem of extension and intension in terms of order.
If the natural survival order is lower abstractions first and higher next, then extension starts with absolute individuals, and conforms to the proper survival order. Extension recognizes the uniqueness, with corresponding one-value, of the individual by giving each individual a unique name, and so makes confusion impossible. Training in s.r of sanity becomes a possibility, and order becomes paramount. Extension and order cannot be divided. When we speak about 'order', we imply extension, and, when we speak about extension, order is implied. That modern mathematics and mathematical 'logic' has so much to do with order, as to make this term fundamental, is a necessary consequence of the extensional method which starts with unique individuals, labels them