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by unique names and only then generalizes or passes to oo-valued higher order abstractions like 'numbers',. The direction of the process of abstraction is here in the survival order, from lower abstractions to higher. It hardly needs to be emphasized that, to the best of our knowledge in 1933, it is the only possible way to follow the natural order and to evade reading into a fundamentally one-valued external event, our older undifferentiated oo-valued fancies (which happens if the process is reversed in order) involving powerful factors in our s.r.
Intension means structurally the reversal of the survival order, since it starts with undifferentiated oo-valued higher abstractions and distorts or disregards the essential one-values of the individuals and reads into them as uniquely important undifferentiated oo-valued characteristics.
Historically, mathematicians have had a predilection and, because of the character of their 'element' (numbers) and their technique, a structural necessity, for the use of extensional methods. It does not need much imagination to see why they have produced results of utmost (although relative) importance and validity at each date.
'Philosophers' and reasoners of that class have had a predilection for intension, and this also explains why, in spite of tremendously acute verbal exercises, they have not produced anything of lasting value, for they were carried away by the structure of the language they used. This predilection being already based on the reversal of the survival order, it was bound to lead in the less-resistant individuals to nervous and 'mental' defects.
The issues, as presented here, are very clear-cut, and, in fact, too clear-cut, as we have disregarded for the present the cyclic order of the nervous process. This last fact first abolishes the sharp distinction between 'pure' extension and 'pure' intension, each process never being 'pure', but always 'impure', one influencing the other. 'Pure' intension and 'pure' extension are delusional, to be found only in 'mentally' ill, with no survival value. This explains why we have to use the terms of preference and order. Without these terms I would not have been able to carry through this analysis at all. This reversal of order in s.r implies different distribution, diffusion, intensity of nerve currents in the sub-microscopic field, and so involves important, different semantic components of non-survival value. It is most desirable to learn to control the activities on the sub-microscopic level by means of training on the macroscopic level, if means to do this can be devised.
The writer is not at all convinced that, acting as we do under the spell of intensional and ignorant 'philosophers', the existing systems and educational methods are not largely following the reversal of the sur-