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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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needs, and different primitive mythologies will become unnecessary. A very harmful, primitive, delusional semantic factor of blockages would be eliminated.
The 'is' of identity plays a great havoc with our s.r, as any 'identity' is structurally false to fact. An infant does not know and cannot know that. In his life, the 'is' of identity plays an important semantic role, which, if not checked intelligently, becomes a pernicious semantic factor in his grown-up reactions, which preserve the infantile character and with which adult adjustment and semantic health is impossible. The infant begins to speak and again he is trained in the 'is' of identity. Symbols are identified with the un-speakable actions, events and objects under penalty of pain or even death. The magic of words begins its full sway. As a rule, parental, crude disciplining of the infant, particularly in former days, trained the s.r of the infant again in the delusional 'is' of identity. The results are semantically and structurally very far-reaching and are found to underlie modern mythologies, militarism, the prevailing economic and social systems, the control by fear (be it 'hell' or machine guns), illusory gold standards, hunger,.
Experience shows that such identification of symbols with the un-speakable levels works very well with animals. With man, it leads only to the misuse of the human nervous system, semantic disturbances of evaluation, and the prevailing unstable animalistic systems in practically all fields, resulting in the general chaos in human affairs.
It should be noticed that the 'is' of predication also expresses a sort of partial identity, leading to primitive anthropomorphism and general confusion of orders of abstractions. By an inherent necessity, our lives are lived on the un-speakable objective levels, which include not only ordinary objects but also actions and immediate feelings, symbols being only auxiliary means. The natural ordinal evaluation, which should be the foundation for healthy s.r, appears as the event-process level first, the object next in importance; the objective level first, the symbolic next in importance; the descriptive level first, the inferential level next in importance,. The semantic identification of these different levels not only abolishes the natural evaluation, but, in fact, reverses the natural order. Once this is realized, we see clearly that all statements about the objective level, which is made up of absolute individuals, are only probable in different degrees and can never be certain. The 'is' of identity underlies, also, the two-valued, too primitive, too restricted, and structurally fallacious A 'logic'.
The crucial semantic importance of asymmetrical relations becomes obvious when we consider that all evaluation and non-el meanings