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MATHEMATICS AND THE WORLD                 267
involving the theory of invariance, and, in a way, the theory of numbers, rapidly became a unifying foundation upon which practically the whole of mathematics is being rebuilt. Many branches of mathematics have become, of late, nothing more than a theory of invariance of special groups.
As to practical applications, there is no possibility to list them, and the number increases steadily. But, without the theory of analytic function, for instance, we could not study the flow of electricity, or heat, or deal with two-dimensional gravitational, electrostatic, or magnetic attractions. The complex number involving the square root of minus one was necessary for the development of wireless and telegraphy; the kinetic theory of gases and the building of automobile engines require geometries of « dimensions; rectangular and triangular membranes are connected with questions discussed in the theory of numbers; the theory of groups has direct application in crystallography; the theory of invariants underlies the theory of Einstein, the theory of matrices and operators has revolutionized the quantum theory; and there are other applications in an endless array.*
In Part VIII, different aspects of mathematics are analysed, but the interested reader can be referred also to the above-mentioned book of Professor Shaw for an excellent elementary, yet structural, view of the progress of mathematics.