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272                V. MATHEMATICS A A LANGUAGE
not require prophetic vision to foresee that some trends of history are foregone conclusions because of the structure of the human nervous system. As trusts or groups have replaced the theoretically 'individual' capitalism in the United States of America, so will the state capitalism replace the trusts, to be replaced in its turn by international capitalism.
We are not shocked by the international character of science. We are not '100 per cent patriotic' when it comes to the use in daily life of discoveries and inventions of other nations. Science is a semantic product of a general human symbolic characteristic; so, naturally, it must be general and, therefore, 'international'. But 'capitalism' is also a unique and general semantic product of symbolism; it is also a unique product of the human nervous system, dependent on mathematics, and, as such, by its inherent character, must become some day international. There is no reason why our s.r should be disturbed in one case more than in the other. The ultimate problem is not whether to 'abolish capitalism' or not, which will never happen in a symbolic class of life, but to transfer the control from private, socially irresponsible, uncontrolled, and mostly ignorant, leaders to more responsible, professionally trained, and socially controlled public servants, not bosses. If a country cannot produce honest, intelligent, and scientifically trained public men and leaders, that is, of course, very disastrous for its citizens; but this is not to be proclaimed as a rule, because it is an exception. Thus, in the Soviet Republics, graft is practically non-existent in the sense that it exists in the United States; but the mentality of the public men is practically at a similar standstill because of a deliberate minimizing of the value of brain-work. I wonder if it is realized at all, in either country, that any 'manual worker', no matter how lowly, is hired exclusively for his human brain, his s.r, and not primarily for his hands!
The only problem which the rest of mankind has to face is how this struggle will be managed and how long it will last, the outcome admitting of no doubt, as the ruthless elimination of individual capitalism by group capitalism (trusts) in the United States is an excellent example. In the Soviet Republics, they simply have gone further, but in a similar direction. Struggles mean suffering; and we should reconcile ourselves to that fact. If we want the minimum of suffering, we should stop the animalistic methods of contest. Human methods of solving problems depend on higher order abstractions, scientific investigations of structure and language, revision of our doctrines., resulting in peaceful adjustment of living facts, which are actualities whether we like it or not. If we want the maximum of suffering, let us proceed in the stupid, blind, animalistic and unscientific way of trial and error, as we are doing at present.