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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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My aim is not to be a prophet, but to analyse different structural and linguistic semantic issues underlying all human activities, and so to produce material which may help mankind to select their lot consciously. What they will do is not my official concern, but it seems that both countries, which have so much in common, and which are bound to play an important role in the future of mankind, owing to their numbers, their areas, and their natural resources., will have to pay more attention to the so-called 'intellectual' issues, or, more simply, not disregard the difference between the reactions of infants and adults. Otherwise, very serious and disastrous cultural results for all of us will follow.
The problems of the world 1933 are acute and immediate, overloaded with confusion, bitterness, hopelessness, and other forms of semantic disturbances. Without some means - and, in this case, scientific and physiological means - to regulate our s.r, we shall not be able to solve our problems soon enough to avoid disasters. The similarity in structure of mathematics, and our nervous system, once pointed out and applied, gives us a unique means to regulate the s.r, without which it is practically impossible to analyse dispassionately and wisely the most pressing problems of immediate importance.
The present investigation shows that the old languages which, in structure, are not similar to the world and our nervous system, have automatically reflected their structure on our doctrines, creeds, and habits, s.r, and also on those man-made institutions which result from verbal arguments. These, in turn, shape further s.r and-, as long as they last, control our destinies.
Four important issues could be shown in detail, but, for lack of space, I give only a suggestive sketch of them here.
1)   In the ,4-system, all our existing older sub-systems, with all their benefits as well as shortcomings, follow as an A psycho-logical structural semantic necessity.
2)   The tremendous handicap for any new and less deficient systems consists in the fact that such systems lack new constructive oo-valued semantics, and are carried on the one side by linguistic two-valued arguments in the language of old el structure; yet they aspire 'emotionally' to something new and better, while the two cannot be reconciled.
3)   An argument carried on in the old el and two-valued way, no matter how fundamentally true and eventually beneficial, can be easily defeated on verbal grounds if it follows the old structure of language. Our decisions are never well-grounded psycho-logically, and so can never command the respect or achieve the reliability of scientific reason-