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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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This fact alone is of serious importance, as it indicates that mathematics is a language of similar structure to the structure of organisms and is a correct language, not only neurologically, but also biologically. This characteristic of mathematics, quite unexpectedly discovered, made the fusion of geometry and physics possible. It underlies, also, the theory of space-time and the Einstein theory. It will be seen later that it has also serious psycho-neurological importance.
It was already emphasized that the existing 'psychologies' are animalistic or metaphysical, because either they disregard one of the most unique human characteristics, such as the behaviour called mathematiz-ing, or they indulge in speculations on, and in, el terms. It was suggested that no human 'psychologist' can actually perform his official task unless he is an equipped student of mathematics. Unless we actually apply the non-el principle, and take into account that the structure of languages introduces implications, unconscious in the main, and that no man is ever free from some doctrines and some so-called 'logical' processes involving physiological and semantic concomitants, no general theory of human 'psychology' can be produced.
The above solves a very knotty semantic problem, for we see that if we apply the non-el principle, any 'psychology' on the human level must become psycho-logics, though the old term 'psychology' could be retained as applying to animal researches only. The very name 'psychology', or the 'theory or science of mind', is obviously el, and treats 'mind' as an objective separate entity. As these results were originally reached independently, it is interesting to notice that the modern methods and the application of the structural positive knowledge 1933 lead to very many analogies and similarities, though this, after all, might be expected.
Notice the hyphen which, out of the el and delusional objectified 'space' and 'time', made the einsteinian space-time a language of non-el structure similar to the world around us; and the hyphen which out of el 'psychology' makes a non-el human discipline of psycho-logics. It seems that a little dash here and there may be of serious semantic importance when we deal with symbolism.
To facilitate exposition, it is useful to stress, in the present section, the neurological and psychiatrical side, as an outline of the methods of the calculus, and related subjects will, of necessity, require separate treatment.
When rats are trained to perform a simple experiment requiring some 'mentality' and afterwards a large part of the cerebral cortex is removed, their training may be wholly lost. If such decorticated rats are trained again, they re-acquire the habit as readily as before. It appears