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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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It is characteristic that those who claim to be most interested in human affairs and human processes, whom we call, among others, 'philosophers', 'psychologists'., should not have discovered much of value in these fields. But mathematicians, who disclaim meaning in their undefined terms, or 'truth' in their postulates, or interest in human affairs, have had a most astonishing and unique success by elaborating methods for the translation of the dynamic into static and the static into dynamic. Claims and disclaims matter little, but working in accordance with the survival order of the nerve structure and currents has produced most valuable results.
The different methods of mathematics and the four-dimensional 'world' of Minkowski form the means for translating the dynamic into static and vice versa. Minkowski established a language of a new structure, closer to actual facts of the world around us and ourselves, making the general theory of Einstein possible. Further analysis of these issues is carried out in Part IX, and it is one of the semantic foundations upon which a positive theory of sanity can be built.
Disclaiming definite meanings, mathematicians have an intuitive predilection for selecting their terms and pursuing their line of enquiry among possible meanings, although formally these meanings are disregarded. The feeling which directs the selection of material which is formally interesting and important is akin to the artistic sense, but, unfortunately, in spite of its importance, it has been neglected by 'psychologists'. Quite often it is the 'feel' which directs the mathematicians in their researches and suggests or modifies lines of development or the selection of one set of postulates in preference to other sets. This is why the ordinary sense of the terms used in mathematics is so important, although it represents only some of the possible meanings. These, with their implications, usually represent most important structural characteristics of the human nervous system and the world.
This is to be expected because of the reasons given above; the more so that invariance in this shifting world is a characteristic of relations, and mathematics is a language of exact relations which, in the meantime, have mostly objective counterparts. The highest abstractions at every date are detached from the outside world neurologically, and should remain detached, to represent 'pure mind' in action. These higher abstractions are on the public level, as they are transmittable verbally with all characteristics included. They are static, unhampered directly by the outside events, although they normally originate in them. These higher order abstractions are 'digested' and translated into lower order abstractions and returned to the lower centres; and they receive their