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304                V. MATHEMATICS A A LANGUAGE
Creative mathematicians, after becoming acquainted with the work of their predecessors and contemporaries, achieve their own results, at first, through 'intuition', 'feeling',. They 'visualize' the most abstract theories, though sometimes it takes the invention of new means to achieve this result. Their lower nervous centres are affected by the higher abstractions made by themselves and others. This process accounts for the fact that no mathematical achievement is ever detached, or possibly can be detached, from life. The source of all creative work is always in the lower centres, which are in more direct contact with the world around us, through 'feelings', 'intuitions', 'visualization', and other first order reactions.
Mathematics and what is called 'sublimation' in psychiatry have a similar neural mechanism, which is expressed structurally in the spiral theory, or in the cyclic chain of nerve currents, where the end-product of one process becomes the starting point of the next. As was said before, this is quite obvious on racial grounds, but more difficult to discover or apply in individual experience, if we disregard structure and non-el s.r.
If we can, let us discover means by which the 'feel' of modern science can be imparted without falsification and technicalities, which, perhaps, may be only auxiliary means to get the more fundamental life results. We may at once anticipate the means which we shall discover. The key problem is to eliminate, first, the semantic disturbance called identification or the confusion of orders of abstractions, and similar disturbances of evaluation. This elimination is attained physiologically through the development of the consciousness of abstracting, which leads to proper evaluation, visualization without semantic disturbances. In other words, we must find means by which higher abstractions can be translated physiologically into lower abstractions, uniquely connected with the translation of the dynamic into the static and vice versa.
The present status of the white race - I do not know enough about the structures of languages of other races and their s.r to speak about them - is such that a majority of our self-imposed difficulties is due to the lack of scientific structural analysis, which lack makes it impossible to control or regulate physiologically and adequately the semantic evaluation through education. Under such conditions, everything based on arguments involving the 'is' of identity and the older el 'logic' and 'psychology', such as the prevailing doctrines, laws, institutions, systems., cannot possibly be in full accordance with the structure of our nervous system. This, in turn, affects the latter and results in the prevailing private and public un-sanity. Hence, the unrest, unhappiness, nervous