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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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strain, irritability, lack of wisdom and absence of balance, the instability of our institutions, the wars and revolutions, the increase of 'mental' ills, prostitution, criminality, commercialism as a creed, the inadequate standards of education, the low professional standards of lawyers, priests, politicians, physicians, teachers, parents, and even of scientists - which in the last-named field often lead to dogmatic and antisocial attitudes and lack of creativeness.
This is, naturally, an unsatisfactory semantic state of affairs, and, in consequence, our nervous systems do not function properly, according to the potentialities of proper evaluation inherent in their structure. False creeds or doctrines underlying the s.r, particularly when connected with strong affective tension, play as great a havoc with our responses and capacities on sub-microscopic colloidal levels as any macroscopic organic lesion of our nervous system. If our s.r are pathological, invariably some affective disturbance, and psycho-neural blockages on the colloidal level, must be present. The nervous currents are then deviated and forced into lower, non-survival-for-man channels, resulting in various forms of arrested development or regressive symptoms. Through this we are deprived of the higher (human) 'intelligence', which is the result of the optimum working of the nervous system on all levels; we become 'mentally' deficient in various aspects and degrees, and we have to copy animals, primitives, and infants, and so present, in milder disturbances, the pathetic picture - so often seen - of adult infantilism, or display other regressive manifestations. Thousands of such cases have been analysed and recorded in psychiatrical literature. The mechanism of these disturbances is quite clear, because, after the re-education of the s.r, if this is at all successful, the psycho-neurological colloidal blockage is eliminated, and the patient is relieved from his semantic afflictions.
Instances of infantilism and animalistic reactions are abundant everywhere; but as this problem is analysed further in Part VII, here we shall not pursue the matter further.
It should be noticed, however, in this connection, that sex abnormalities of every description and most sex disturbances are also interconnected with infantilism in adults. In public life and activities, the results are equally pathetic. Instead of analysing and foreseeing, we proceed by trial and error, as animals do, a wasteful and painful method. The possession of an adequate physiological method for the translation from the appropriate reactions of one level to that of another, therefore, becomes paramount. The non-el language and the methods of mathematics appear, then, to be of neurological value. The terms are easily