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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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of negative excitation also follows exponential rules, and experiments show that the change in order of abstractions which, by necessity, must be passing from even to uneven numbers of orders or vice versa, also reverses the sign of the reaction (see Part VII).
In the case of positive excitation, there is also a structural parallel with the newer languages of mathematics, but we do not need to analyse it here, because the foundation of the more flexible, adjustable responses begins with a negative effect; and, in this case, the language I suggest is fully justified without further explanations. The neurological importance of 'consciousness of abstracting' is based precisely on the fact that it automatically involves a fraction of a second of psycho-logical delay, and thus is fundamentally based on, and introduces in training, a wholesome 'inhibition'.
We come thus to a weighty structural conclusion that the fundamental processes of the nervous system are not only non-plus processes but that they follow the exponential rules of signs. As soon as we realize that from a structural point of view 'structure' and 'function' are only different types of language in which to speak about two aspects of what is going on, on the silent un-speakable level, and that on this level these two aspects can never be divided, we must also build a non-el language. Such a language is found in dynamic structure, out of which arises function, and even macroscopically relatively enduring structures as special aspects, and the exponential character of the fundamental activities of the nervous system becomes a necessity.
In modern mathematics numbers can be interpreted as operators., which, in our case, suggests great freedom of structural use, and widens the application of these notions.
To put the problems as simply as possible: all the more subtle forms of adjustment in organisms, 'intelligence', so-called 'civilization', our 'ethics', 'happiness'., and, finally, 'sanity, which is the evidence of semantic adjustment or proper evaluation on human levels, are based on the neurological interplay, the number, and multi-dimensional order of superimposed (not added) positive and negative excitations. The positive, or the direct and obvious, responses are the more primitive; the negative, resulting in not always obvious consequences, are the result of further structural complexities, which reach their culmination in the normally developed highly cultured man.
Such indefinitely superimposed negative excitations are found physiologically in the hierarchy of higher and higher orders of abstractions, which are able to reverse the sign of the s.r, and so, structurally, make these considerations extremely workable and neurologically sound,