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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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3)   The foundation of so-called 'human mentality' is the 'negative' reaction.
4)   Because words are never the things we speak about, the sole link between languages and the objective world being structural, the only 'positive' facts about this world are of the old 'negative' character.
5)   Finally, the main difficulty of the A -system can be found in the positive 'is' of identity, involving us in false to fact evaluation and semantic disturbances; on the other hand, a ^-system is based on the complete elimination of identity formulated as a negative premise of the 'this is not this' type (see Part VII).
At present, only in technical mathematics can people behave seman-tically like 'gentlemen'. They analyse and agree; no quarrels are possible. Linguistic and semantic researches show that the structure of all languages can, and must, be made similar to empirical structures; and then, also, the rest of humans can, and probably will, behave in a less silly and futile way than they have done in the past and are doing in the present.