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mechanism of all proper evaluation, based on non-identification or the differentiation between orders of abstractions, impossible with animals.
In this diagram we have introduced more objects, because each individual abstracts, in general, from an event different objects, in the sense that they are not identical in every respect. We must be aware continuously that in life on the un-speakable objective level we deal only with absolute individuals, be they objects, situations, or s.r. The vertical stratification not only gives us representation for the sharp difference between 'man' and 'animal', but also allows us to train our s.r in the absolute individuality of our objects and those of different observers, and for the differences between their individual abstractions. What has been said here applies equally to all first order effects on the objective level, such as immediate feelings,.
The present theory can only be fully beneficial when the reader acquires in his system the habitual feeling of both the vertical and the horizontal stratifications with which identification becomes impossible.