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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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In the experiments of Doctor Philip S. Graven with the 'mentally' ill, training in the realization of this stratification has either resulted in complete recovery or has markedly improved the conditions of the patient.
The diagram is used in two distinct ways. One is by showing the abstracting from the event to the object, and the applying of a name to the object. The other is by illustrating the level of statements which can be made about statements. If we have different objects, and label them with different names, say, Ai, A2, A3 . . . A, we still have no proposition. To make a proposition, we have to accept some undefined relational term, by which we relate one object to the other. The use of this diagram to illustrate the levels or orders of statements implies that we have selected some metaphysics as expressed in our undefined relational terms. We should be fully aware of the difference between these two uses of the one diagram for the structural illustration of two aspects of one process.
If we enquire: What do the characteristics of the event represent? We find that they are given only by science and represent at each date the highest, most verified, most reliable abstractions 'Smith' has produced.
Theory and practice have shown that the points illustrated by the nbove structural diagrams have a crucial semantic significance, as, without using them, it is practically impossible to train ourselves or others and to accomplish the psychophysiological re-education. For this reason, the diagrams have been produced for home and school use, separately, in the simplified form illustrated in Fig. 5. This structural diagram is called the 'Anthropometer' or the 'Structural Differential', as it illustrates the fundamental structural difference between the world, and so the environment, of the animal and man. If we live in such a very complex human world, but our s.r, owing to wrong evaluation, are adjusted only to the simpler animal world, free, to say the least, from 1 nan-made complications, then adjustment and sanity for humans is impossible. Our s.r are bound to follow the simpler animalistic patterns, pathological for man. All human experience, scientific or otherwise, shows that we still copy animals in our nervous reactions, trying to adjust ourselves to a world of fictitious, simple animal structure, while actually we live in a world of very complex human structure which is quite different. Naturally, under such conditions, which, ultimately, turn out to be delusional, human adjustment is impossible and results in false evaluations, animalistic s.r, and the general state of un-sanity.