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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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first, simple, and obvious semantic obstacle. If the simple rules and conditions given in the present system for abolishing identification are followed persistently in the training with the Differential, a complete and very beneficial structural and semantic change in the character and 'mental' capacities of a given individual occurs, seemingly all out of proportion with the simplicity of the training. But if we consider the content of all knowledge as uniquely structural, and if the majority of us are semantically tied up, blocked, with antiquated, animalistic, primitive, infant-like, 'mentally'-ill and A structure and identity-reactions, owing to the lack of consciousness of abstracting, which we renounce in toto by acquiring the consciousness of abstracting, such remarkable transformation becomes intelligible.
The publication of the Structural Differential in separate, conveniently large copies has been forced upon me by experience and by various difficulties found in the re-educating of our s.r, without which a A -system, adjustment, sanity, and all the desirable results which depend on them, are impossible.