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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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meanings outside of pathology, or which statement structurally covers the situation better, carries us structurally further in describing and analysing this world,. Only scientific structural analysis can give the preference to one form over another. Smith and Brown can only produce their 'definitions' according to their s.r, but they are not judges as to which 'definitions' will ultimately stand the test of structure.
The moment we eliminate identification we become conscious of abstracting, and permanently and instinctively remember that the object is not the event, that the label is not the object, and that a statement about a statement is not the first statement; thus, we reach a semantic state, where we recognize that everybody 'is right' by his own 'definitions'. But any individual or unenlightened public opinion is not the sole judge as to what 'definitions' and what language should prevail. Only structural investigation (science) can decide which appears as the structurally more similar form of representation on the verbal levels for what is going on on the un-speakable, objective levels.
When it comes to 'description of facts', the situation is not fundamentally altered. Mistakes seem always possible and often occur. Besides, the semantic impressions which 'facts' make on us are also individual, and often in conflict, as comparison of the testimonies of eye-witnesses shows. But there is no need for permanent disagreement; more structural investigation of the objective and verbal levels will provide a solution. Once such an investigation is carried far enough, we can always reach a semantic basis where all may agree, provided we do not identify, do not objectify, and do not confuse description and inference, descriptive and inferential words,.
As our analysis is carried out from the structural and non-el point of view, we should not miss the fact that semantic components associated with words and statements are, outside of very pathological cases, never entirely absent, and become of paramount importance. In the older days, we had no simple and effective means by which we could affect painful, misplaced, or disproportionate evaluations, meanings., through a semantic re-education, which are supplied by the present analysis and the use of the Structural Differential. The means to eliminate identification consist of: first, an objective relief diagram to which we can point our finger; and second, a convincing explanation (pointing the finger to the labels) that the verbal levels, with their distressing and disastrous older s.r, are not, and differ entirely from, the levels of objects and events. Whatever we may say or feel, the objects and events remain on the un-speakable levels and cannot be reached by words. Under such natural structural conditions, we can only reach the objective level by