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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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attempt the formulation of a science of man, which ultimately becomes a theory of sanity, a consequence of a non-aristotelian system.
It should be recalled that order is accepted in the present system as undefined and fundamental; yet its use is easily explained by the aid of the term 'between', and can be shown and applied in reference to empirical structures.
If we can formulate a method which, through the application of a psychophysiological term such as order, and a simple device such as the training of s.r in the natural survival order, or reversing the pathological reversed order, includes the mechanism of non-identity and one of the most important human nervous functionings, such a method, because of its structural simplicity and physiological character, may be expected lo prove very workable. I desire to stress most emphatically the very Important general, impersonal, preventive, semantic, reflex-character of mich a method.
In actual life, we deal, for the most part, with persons who are 'mentally' or nervously disturbed in different degrees. We could, eventually, divide them for our purpose into two groups: (1) those who do not want to improve or get well, but who somehow like their fictitious worlds and the maladjustments connected with them; (2) those who genuinely want to get over their difficulties.
In general, it is extremely difficult or impossible to achieve anything at all with the first group. The second group is greatly helped if we give them means to work by themselves at their problems. Very often it is most effective to explain to them this simple 'natural order', 'identification', and 'reversed order' mechanism, the multiordinality of terms., and so give them a definite psychophysiological symptom to n\ niggle against. These symptoms of identification or reversed order, in their generality and structural neurological fundamentality, underlie the process of formation of practically all known semantic difficulties of evaluation.
The reader should not assume that it is always possible to eliminate identification and so achieve this coveted natural order, or the reversal of the reversed pathological order; but, whenever this is possible, the person is relieved in a great many psycho-logical fields. The simplicity and generality, the physiological and structural character of this method neems its main recommendation, particularly as a preventive measure or semantic training for sanity. The training is a laborious process, requiring great persistence; but, to my knowledge, very few trainings are easy, und, perhaps, none leads to more important results than does this one.