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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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the proper method, based on a language of new A structure. This last actually consists of but a few, new, simple, and common-sense terms, the analysis of which helps us to discover a few simple and invariant psychophysiological relations. Thus, identification is eliminated by starting with an ordinal language and method. Once we get the feel of the horizontal and vertical stratification, and learn to differentiate between orders of abstractions, identification disappears. Silence on the objective levels produces a 'delay', involves and trains the cortex; our reactions become more and more intelligent in the human sense., .; and the most important results are reached by the simplest means.
The training in visualization and the abolishing of objectification are the first and most important steps for a complete elimination of identification. When this first step is achieved, the rest is comparatively a very simple task.
But the reader may ask why we should have to use such unfamiliar and, therefore, seemingly difficult methods to achieve such obvious results. Do we really need a-system to achieve the results which, even in an -system, are known to be desirable? The answer is weighty with consequences and should be taken very earnestly. In the-system, these desirable results could not be attained generally, because the structure of our old languages and the method hampered rather than helped us. New theories, new systems., are built precisely with the aim to facilitate adjustment. Those questions which in the older days were supposed to be 'philosophical', 'metaphysical'., the application of which required a high grade of intelligence, knowledge., to start with, become, in the new way, simply a problem of the structure of the language we use. All the issues appear closely interrelated. We do not require 'high intelligence' nor 'higher education' to begin with, in order to obtain these desirable results, as the results follow automatically from the structure of the language we accept and teach our children. Thus, the older impossibilities are achieved simply and automatically, with the greatest possible efficiency and the most lasting results.