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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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indefinitely many expanded orders of horizontal and vertical differences. Similarly with the objectively meaningless 'infinite velocity' of a process, it does not allow order. But once we have a finite velocity of a-process, order makes its appearance as an indispensable aspect of a process. The finite and known velocity of nerve currents on the physico-mathe-matical levels results in ordered series on physiological levels; in non-identity and proper evaluation on semantic levels, and in orders of abstractions and a non-aristotelian system and general semantics on verbal levels.
Once we abolish in our language the always false to fact 'is' of identity, we automatically stop identifying different orders of abstractions. We do not assume that they represent one level, which becomes expanded into a natural ordered series of indefinitely many different orders of abstractions, with different values. Adjustment, therefore, sanity and adulthood of humanity, depend on proper evaluation, impossible under conditions of delusional identification of fundamentally different orders of abstractions. We must then train the s.r in the natural physiological order of the process of abstracting which, on the psychological levels, become non-pathological semantic evaluation.
In the case of training in the 'non-allness', it was necessary to start with the analysis of an ordinary object, to give the child a simplified theoretical explanation, and then to demonstrate it empirically. The child will be easily 'convinced', but this conviction is not enough, because it will not affect permanently his s.r. We explain this difficulty very simply, telling him that, although he 'agreed' with our presentation, he will very soon 'forget' it, and so we need a permanent visual reminder which is supplied by the strings, freely hanging from the event and from the object, and indicating those 'characteristics left out', or not abstracted.
In the elimination of the 'is' of identity, we have also structurally interconnected aspects. The rejection of this 'is' becomes an equivalent to the stressing of the stratification in the structure of 'human knowledge'. To facilitate training, we should stress both aspects by all available means, and should involve as many nerve centres as we can. Thus, through the ear we stress verbally the formula of the rejection of the 'is' of identity by indicating with our finger the different orders of abstractions, in the meantime, affecting the eye while we repeat 'this is not this'. We utilize the kinesthetic centres, not only by pointing the finger to different levels, but also by making broad motions with our hands, indicating the stratifications. We should train in both horizontal and vertical stratifications, always using the hands. The horizontal