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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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the contrary, it involves us in delusional states. Students of the history of 'philosophy' may realize, in this case, particularly, the drama and the dangers which the playing on such m.o terms as 'knowledge' may needlessly produce.
Through the semantic mechanism which it involves, 'consciousness of abstracting' abolishes many fears, despairs, and other disturbances which follow from the confusion of orders of abstractions. We become introverted extroverts; in other words, we become affectively well-balanced, and ready to deal with empirical first order effects on their levels, and with verbal problems on their different levels. We learn, also, to observe, as soon as we have learned 'silence' on the 'objective levels'. Realizing that we abstract in different orders, we slowly acquire the most creative structural feeling that human knowledge is inexhaustible; we become more and more interested in knowledge; our curiosity becomes aroused; our sporting spirit stimulated and our level of m.o intelligence raised.
It is well known that the higher intelligence is characterized by a critical attitude. By training with the Structural Differential until the memory of the characteristics left out and the non-identity become a permanent semantic acquisition with us, this critical attitude is also developed. No one who feels habitually these 'characteristics left out' - 'this is not this' - will ever take a word or a statement for granted. He will enquire, investigate; will always ask 'what do you mean', a question which automatically leads to further investigation, and finally strikes the bottom of the undefined terms which divulge our silent structural creeds and metaphysics.
We should avoid the mistake of assuming that the average man, or a moron, does not 'think'. His nervous system works continually, as does that of a genius. The difference consists in that its working is not productive or efficient. Proper training and understanding of the semantic mechanism must add to efficiency and productiveness. By the elimination of semantic blockings, as in identification, we release the creative capacities of any individual. We release him from the primitive semantic bondage in the daily and constant use of a powerful instrument called language - full of benefits, but also full of dangers - the structure of which he totally misunderstands. Such misunderstanding must lead to inefficiency in the use, and so to the abuse, of this function. Instead of being a semantic slave of the structure of language, he becomes its master.
When we become more civilized and enlightened, no public speaker or writer will be allowed to operate publicly without demonstrating first