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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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Fig. 3 Schematic representation of regressions and fixations In one patient. The dip in the respiratory sector represents a psychogenic asthmatic defence s.r; in the eye and ear sector, refusing to see or hear the 'truth' and 'reality'; in the genital, urinary eroticism. The deep incision in a fairly well socialized nutritive 'libido' represents an 'emotionally' conditioned s.r for selective rumination of individual ingredients in the stomach. The patient appears as a severely sick individual on the border of a psychotic reaction. Present nosological schemes would call this an anxiety-hysteria or a manic-depressive psychosis if the semantic compensation should break and further regression occur. (After Jelliffe.)
thing, her power of doing gets semantic expression through a substitute act which cannot be prevented by outside interference. The selective rumination symptom also goes back to the nursing semantic period. When suckling she would vomit after a full meal, and demand another nursing, to which the mother foolishly acceded. Vomiting then became her semantic way of controlling 'reality'. She used that as a weapon in getting her wishes with her family. She has amplified and refined the methods of semantic expression of this old mastery over 'reality', and the selective rumination seems one of the results. 32