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increases unnecessarily the internal stimulations and so disturbs the efficient working of the organism-as-a-whole.
Psychiatrists in purely pathological fields have also discovered different sources of human difficulties. They discovered that the 'unconscious' seems quite a dangerous affair, and that 'mental' ills exhibit symptoms of an arrested or regressive process.
This present investigation, as well as the psychopathological ones here referred to, although conducted on entirely different grounds, one more general than the other, has discovered very similar mechanisms; namely, the benefit in enlarging the field of 'consciousness', by bringing into 'consciousness' important factors of the 'unconscious' and thereby counteracting the semantic possibility for arrested development or regression.
With such divergence, both in methods and in material used, the similarity of results indicates strongly the soundness of the conclusions. (ienerality offers, also, a criterion of practical simplicity and workability; and on these grounds the more general semantic A discipline commends itself.
Because of this generality the present theory has not only a simple but also an impersonal character which makes it available as a preventive measure in elementary education. With the older theories we deal in practice with personal responses to meanings; in our case we deal with the s.r in general and with their psychophysiological mechanism in particular.
The present enquiry started with the search for a sharp difference between Fido and Smith. This was found in the fact that Smith functions as a 'time-binder', while Fido does not. Further investigation into the mechanism of the time-binding function revealed that its most important characteristic is found in its peculiar stratification into many orders of abstractions. The realization of this stratification eliminates identification and leads to the 'consciousness of abstracting', thus ascribing a permanent, strictly human content to 'consciousness', and so automatically eliminating such animalistic, and, therefore, arresting or regressive, 'unconsciousness'. It is found, also, that in the consciousness of abstracting we find a general and simple psychophysiological semantic method for the elimination of the majority of human difficulties. In the training in this consciousness of abstracting we find a workable physiological tool with which to integrate the functioning of the human nervous system. We use organism-as-a-whole methods and achieve organism-as-a-whole results. We find in the language of 'semantic reactions', 'non-elementalistic meanings'., psychophysiological means to integrate the