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Infantile exhibitionism leads, also, very often to a selection of a career. Most diplomats, politicians, professional military men, preachers, actors, boxers, wrestlers, athletes, many lawyers and public speakers, to list only the more important professions, select their professions because of this infantile tendency. We should notice that in this list we find the most important professions which, as yet, have shaped our destinies. Royalty, hereditary, potentates, and many plutocrats live under such infantile fairy-tale conditions that they necessarily become seman-tically twisted.
This pathological tendency probably accounts for our so-called civilization being at an infantile asocial level, based, as it is, on selfishness, 'sense' gratification, might, brutal competition, acquisitiveness,. We should notice that whole 'philosophies', such as theism, the older ontology, teleology, materialism, solipsism, the Anglo-Saxon philosophy of selfishness, and different military and commercial philosophies, clearly display these infantile characteristics. Commercialism, the 'law of supply and demand', as a by-product, also follows from infantile world-outlooks. Those who are interested in problems of politics, economics, sociology, war, and peace., should investigate their problems from this semantic point of view. As Burrow well said, the problems of war are more the problems of psychiatry than of diplomacy.18
Many women at present are still infantile, very little developed as human beings; they are themselves exhibitionists and also sponsor exhibitionism. It should not surprise us to find that these characteristics, the lavishing of 'love' on shiny buttons and on regiments marching to their destruction, have favoured wars. During the Russian revolution of 1905, the czar's soldiers were on the streets. But women did not 'love' them then. Little children spat on them from behind corners. The result was that very soon the soldiers refused to carry on this unapproved service. I know many cases connected with the World War, where, in spite of unspeakable horrors, many regretted the ending of the war because of the infantile approval shown by their women for their 'glory' and the infantile thrill the soldiers themselves experienced because of the shiny buttons, martial music, and parades. In the old system, militarism, religionism, legalism, and commercialism are strictly interconnected by similar s.r. Eliminate any one of them for good, and the others would become obsolete or would disintegrate. Our infantile women, no doubt, have sponsored through the ages these infantile social cancers.
The future war will, perhaps, automatically bring these problems to the foreground. It will be an extremely devastating (and less picturesque) aerial war, in which women and children will not be spared.