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aroused for the 'helpless little girl', or else pedophilic tendencies are released. (Pedophilia is used as the name of a 'mental' disturbance or desire for relations with children, often found among senile dementia and imbeciles.) In women, often a feeling of motherhood leads them to like infantile males. The charm of the child lies, to a great extent, in his narcissism, his self-sufficiency, and inaccessibility. Certain animals, such as cats and larger beasts of prey, fascinate us, as they do not concern themselves with us and are inaccessible. But this 'charm' has another and very tragic side. Such infantile types cannot stand responsibilities ; their affections are shallow and unreliable; they know how to take, but do not know how to give,. In life, such connections lead invariably to great unhappiness, and often to disasters. The children produced by such infantile types are usually completely ruined by the lack of parental understanding or lack of care. Instead of liking such types, men and women of semantic maturity should either avoid them or suggest psychiatrical consultation.
Infantile types invariably show some sex disturbances, which also add greatly to family and social difficulties. The men are often impotent; the women, frigid. Onanistic and homosexual habits or tendencies persist, although such an adult infant is married and has an opportunity for normal life. A very important A, non-el fact should be noticed. Since the organism works as-a-whole, 'mental' components should be considered in connection with sex life. An infantile type appears still in an organ erotic stage. He wants only sense gratification. From a theory of sanity point of view, prostitution appears as a substitute for onanism. In adult infants, we very often find either impotence, frigidity, onanism, homosexualism, as simple forms of arrested development or regression, or more extreme forms, like many cases of prostitution. Infantiles not only indulge in promiscuity, but build up fanciful rationalizations and represent their own infantile tendencies by 'theories' as 'normal' conduct. Many criminals, professional 'vamps', and professed 'heart-breakers' belong to this type. It is interesting to note that many 'mental' illnesses are connected with different onanistic rationalizations. Often excessive cleanliness, continual washing of hands., appears. If a schizophrenic onanist has a melancholic make-up, he rationalizes his problems that he is 'rotting because of his sins'. If he has a manic make-up, he feels that he 'is a saviour of mankind'.20
In all such cases family life is very unhappy, and the future of the children bred under such conditions is usually gloomy. Children need healthy family and semantic conditions to develop into healthy individuals.