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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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balanced and adapted adult personality. Joys, pleasures, and 'emotions' are not abolished, as this cannot be done, given the structure of our ftervous system and 'mental' health, but they are 'sublimated' to higher adult human semantic levels. Life becomes fuller, and the individual ceases to act as a nuisance and a danger to himself and others.
In the racial aspects, if the development of the individual became normal, we should grow beyond infantile organ erotic fixations and el languages and infantile systems in all fields. A-system, in accordance with science 1933 (systems), would be the human link supplying
cientific standards of evaluation to the affairs of Smith.
With the older infantilism and the practically general lack of full consciousness of abstracting, the fears, frights, painful 'emotional' hocks under which mankind lived were bound to have a marked, lasting, and sinister semantic and neurological effect upon the race. The race has never had an opportunity to develop in an adult way. What will be the results for the race of such a transformation it is impossible, at present, to foresee; but one thing is certain, that the results are bound to be very far-reaching.
To afford a better appreciation of what the consciousness of abstracting can accomplish, two more points should be explained. Most young fish do not know their parents, and, from the beginning, their life is independent of parental influences. The human child is helpless, and, for a comparatively long period, is under parental influence. His s.r are consequently moulded, 'mentally', 'emotionally', by the doctrines, taboos, structure of language., of the parents,. When we speak of a human child, we should never consider him in a fictitious isolation, which has nothing to do with m.o reality. Both parents and child should be made 'conscious of abstracting'. Only under such semantic conditions can the full benefit be reached. If parents are conscious of abstracting, and realize that their child represents, also, an abstracting in higher orders organism, which consciously or unconsciously registers in one form or another all happenings, the majority of the present unfortunate conditions, 'complexes'., could not possibly arise.
An important, yet usually disregarded, characteristic should be mentioned here. It is known that repeated 'emotional shocks' in childhood do harm. As the experiments of Watson show, the child is usually born without 'fears' and without 'frights'. Now 'fears' and 'frights' are not simply additive (a linear function) but follow some other more complex function of higher degree. If we denote the constitutional potentialities of the child by /, and the given event by x, the result of the impact of x on the life of the child would be a reaction This Fx desig-