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attempt to re-train the s.r of one group. The other group should not be re-trained, but treated in the average passive and standard way, - it would be the control group. One physician should be in charge of both wards and keep a detailed record of the cases and treatment. It is to be expected that at the end of the year, in the ward trained in the A standards of evaluation, a larger number of unexpected and spontaneous recoveries would happen than in the untrained ward. It would be extremely instructive to have more than two groups, and to attempt a different group method, following some other medical school based on another system-function. The passive attitude toward the patients should be changed, as under the older methods physicians in 'mental' hospitals are more glorified keepers than medical men. This is what theory suggests. Experiments alone can show if these conclusions are correct. In special individual cases, the theory has already been confirmed, but it should be tried as a group method, and, if successful, only then would 'mental' hospitals become hospitals, and not mere places of detention.
A few words concerning psychotherapy will not be amiss. In a time-binding class of life, we must take into account the historical four-dimensional experiences of the race, which, even in individual cases, have sound neurological foundations, as it is known that the nervous reactions are influenced by past experiences. History teaches us that the work of some men has influenced great masses of mankind for many years, and that the works of others have had but little general, lasting effect. The considerations of doctrinal functions and system-functions explain this fact quite simply. The older an individual or a race grows, the more structural observations they gather, and the more they notice the structural dissimilarity of their forms of representation with the first order facts they encounter. As adjustment is generally useful, individuals, as well as groups, and particularly scientists, always attempt to discover more structural data about the world and themselves. This process requires, among others, the comparison of the structure of the forms of representation with the structure of the world and ourselves. All so-called 'progress', 'civilization', and science depend on this. In this particular field, achievements are of two kinds: 1) Some individuals produce a new system-function, with a new structure, more similar to the world., (see Chapter XI). In the great majority of cases, the new system-function is not formulated explicitly, but is hidden implicitly behind some explicit particular and individual interpretation or particular system of the discoverer. The production of a new system-function is usually a most important event and is independent of the special value given to the variables in this function by the