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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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date. Freud, at his date, accepted the (in 1933 antiquated) two-valued determinism. Unfortunately, the great majority of physicians and the medical education still follow the antiquated notions, (c) As the past is taken into account and man is treated as a process in which the past experiences play an important role, we might say that the outlook is four-dimensional, but this statement is not entirely justified, because the notion of a consistent four-dimensional orientation carries us much further than physicians, who neglect physico-mathematical aspects, can possibly produce.
In a-system, the fundamental postulates of the system-function which underlies all psychotherapy have been accepted, although they have been vastly enlarged to comply with the known facts and scientific requirements of 1933. It is important to investigate independently, systematically, and in detail, the corresponding system-functions and to find to what extent they mutually intertranslate, but such an investigation cannot be carried out successfully if we confuse, through the habits of speech, the two different terminologies.
It seems that the older psychotherapeutic schools have been formulated as systems, and that the system-function, which underlies them, has not been explicitly stated, greatly hampering future creative work.
The special benefit of a generalized theory is in its fundamental simplicity and entirely general linguistic applicability, which, for prevention, plays a decisive role. Accidentally, we acquire psychophysiological means to influence the so difficult 'narcissistic' cases.
The present author has attempted to indicate the most important structural and semantic factors which would facilitate the future workers in the impending, necessary revision and co-ordination.