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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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simple and easy, and becomes a necessary and unavoidable factor in the life of any child. A non-el,-system is based on the complete elimination of identification, from which it directly follows that the only link between the un-speakable objective levels and the verbal levels is found in structure. Structure, then, becomes the only possible content of all knowledge ., and all scientific technicalities, admittedly laborious and difficult, become only a necessary tool in the search for structure, with little, if any, intrinsic value, and are unnecessary for 'knowledge' as soon as in a given case the structure is discovered. This structure is always simple and can be given to children.
It is meaningless and utterly useless to argue whether or not the world is 'simple'; as the world is not our understanding of it; but as our 'understanding' happens to be structural, our nervous system, through its abstracting capacities, makes it simple, once its structural content is discovered. As the search for structure involves similarity of linguistic and empirical structures, we readily understand that any language, which we cannot evade teaching our children, has structure and involves structural assumptions. In the structural revision of our language and the teaching of a few structurally appropriate terms, entirely abandoning a few structurally misleading ones, we directly impart all up-to-a-date fundamental knowlege to any child. We train him automatically in the appropriate linguistic structure, which builds up in him appropriate s.r. Mankind at large does not need scientific technicalities to absorb and thereby obtain semantic benefits from the structural results of science. These results are the only ones which really matter, and which can be given in an extremely simple way, automatically abolishing the primitive metaphysics, structural assumptions, and infantile s.r.
By abolishing the structurally false to facts one-valued identification, we automatically train in oo-valued differentiation leading toward consciousness of abstracting, which results in all the wisdom that epistem-ology and private experience can give us, being structurally a total result of racial experience. As structure is based on relations and order, structural training, when done consciously, becomes a physiological method, working simply and automatically.
In the A -system these semantic mechanisms were not consciously recognized, although they worked fatalistically with us. We were imparting primitive psychophysiological reactions to our children, who had to spend a lifetime to learn by very painful experience that something was wrong somewhere. Now we understand that the origin of the difficulty was in the lack of scientific investigations which would have analysed, non-elementalistically, the structural aspects of language and connected