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An Introduction To Non-aristotelian Systems And General Semantics.

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of us. It is also easily understood why it should be so. Ignorant and A handling of powerful symbols has proved to be dangerous when we do not realize the overwhelming semantic role and the importance of symbols in a symbolic class of life.
Another interesting application of the consciousness of abstracting is given in our attitude toward money, bonds, titles to property,. Money represents a symbol for all human time-binding characteristics. Animals do not have it. No doubt bees produce honey, but these products of the bees do not constitute wealth until man puts his hands on them. Money is not edible or habitable. It is worthless if the other fellow refuses to take it. The m.o reality behind the symbol is found in human agreement. The value behind the symbol is doctrinal. Fido does not discriminate between the different orders of abstractions. If we copy him, we worship the symbol alone. 'In gold we trust' becomes the motto, with all its identifications and destructive consequences. Smith should not identify the m.o reality behind the symbol with the symbol. It is amusing, when not tragic, to see how the so-called 'practical man' deals mostly with fictitious values, for which he is willing to live and die. When he has the upper hand and ignorantly plays with symbols, disregarding the m.o realities behind them, of course, he drives civilization to disasters. History is full of examples of this.
We see the utter folly of racing to accumulate symbols, worthless in themselves, while destroying the 'mental' and 'moral' values which are behind the symbols. For it is useless to 'own' a semantically unbalanced world. Such ownership is a fiction, no matter how stable it may look on paper. Commercialism, as a creed, is a folly of this type. Some day even economists, bankers, and merchants will understand that such 'impractical' works as this present one on structure, s.r., lead to the revision of standards of evaluation and are directly helping the stabilization of an economic system. Meanwhile, in their ignorance, they do their best to keep the economic system unscientific, and, therefore, unbalanced. History shows clearly how the rulers have generally made life unbearable for the rest of mankind, and what bloody results have followed. Since the World War certain conditions are becoming increasingly more difficult, and the infantile and animalistic systems drive us fatalistically toward further catastrophes. Whether these disasters will occur, the unknown future shall decide; but out of this unknown, one fact remains a certainty; namely, that this will depend on whether or not science can take hold of human affairs; I hope it can, but the blind forces of identification are so strong and powerful that perhaps such